First edition

We are facing one of the biggest decisions of humankind - a decision on how to face the climate crisis.

This is a huge responsibility and at the same time an opportunity. Our chance to work together to initiate a comprehensive change towards a more just society.

We live in a crucial time in which the changes caused by global warming are already being experienced: Forest fires, droughts and heavy rains are taking turns. Especially for people who have less privileges in the global society and for marginalized groups the consequences are already devastating. If we do not act quickly, comprehensively and radically, we will reach climatic tipping points with irrevocable consequences and further intensify (global) social injustice.

We have made demands on governments long enough and have too often been unsuccessful in doing so. Shaping the world we want to leave to future generations is therefore in our hands: we cannot hand over the responsibility for it to any government in the world.

In a first step we have to deal with what life in a (climate) just society could look like. In a next step, we have to work together to find the paths that will lead us there. The half-baked compromises and pretend solutions that are currently presented to us as viable paths do not do this.

We need solutions that not only save greenhouse gases, but also address the causes of the climate crisis and make society more liveable, just and ecological - for everyone. Justice, democracy and climate protection are not contradictions - thus one cannot be achieved without the other.

Solutions can only be taken seriously if they do not shift the problems at the expense of others. Solutions only work if they are supported by as many people as possible. To do this, these solutions must come from below. From us. For us and all future generations.

What role does the grassroots climate plan play in it?

The grassroots climate plan collects exactly these solutions. People with different life realities contributed their ideas and knowledge. The measures collected already show that extensive knowledge is available to tackle the climate crisis in a just and effective way.

The jointly developed collective knowledge in the "grassroots climate plan" should be made available to all people as far as possible. This climate plan serves as an encouragement and call to all of us to join in the discussion. In addition, it offers the opportunity to experience that every single one of us can and may be able to help shape a more equitable future. It should let us experience that we ourselves can formulate effective visions of a more just society and encourage us not only to have ideas but also to implement them and become active. The grassroots climate plan will never be "finished", because it lives from the participation of many, but will always be a 'living manifesto' that includes the perspectives that change with the world. The gerechte1komma5 campaign will continue to work towards ensuring that it can be used and implemented by people and groups in a variety of ways.

Read the grassroots climate plan with family and friends*, discuss and comment on it, bring in your knowledge and ideas, look for groups in your area that are already actively working for climate justice, become active yourself, organize and network. At this point we would like to thank all the people who have already contributed and continue to contribute to bringing the grassroots climate plan to life with their knowledge and their visions. It is our all plan, which we worked out together for ourselves. Now it is our responsibility to make it become reality!