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So far all the work done on the grassroots climate plan was unpaid. We still have some expenses: Hosting of our website, travel costs for our meetings, material for the public write-ins, flyer and much more. All this is paid by funding from the association ‚für gerechten Klimaschutz e.V.‘. Unfortunately we could not yet acquire any longterm funding, which means that we depend on donations to make the grassroots climate plan reality!

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für gerechten Klimaschutz e.V.
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We support the
grassroots climate plan!
This group supports the idea and the goals of the grassroots climate plan. They want to see the existing solutions getting accumulated in the movement's collective knowledge with potentially big parts of society taking part in this endeavor. That does not mean that this group necessarily defends every single statement of the grassroots climate plan and its measures. The grassroots climate plan continously sees changes and amendments, so any support given can only ever be temporary.