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Just Dwelling and Area Planning

We need a just turnaround in construction! Cement is a climate killer. So are uninsulated homes. At the same time, horrendous rents are driving people out of their homes and into poverty. How can we create affordable and at the same time climate-friendly housing for everyone? How can we design inclusive cities in which we can achieve good coexistence? Cities that allow short distances and also have enough green spaces so that we can survive future hot summers? These questions lie at a central interface between climate protection and social justice. Unfortunately, however, "Just Dwelling and Area Planning " is the area in the climate plan that requires the most care and expansion. At the moment there are no measure texts that are sufficiently complete for us to include them in the print version of the first edition. The wiki and the web version already contain a structure and many suggestions for measures that can be used as a starting point for participation.

We are convinced that the right to housing and ecological building need not be opposites. Are you too? Earth builders, urban planners, rental initiatives: join forces and take on this explosive area!

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Just Dwelling and Area Planning

The measures

Nutzung von Gebäuden
Sanierung vorhandener Gebäude
Auflagen für Neubauten