Just Reproduction, Production and Consumption

Deconstruction and conversion of environmentally harmful production and consumption

What's the problem?

The problem exists on 4 levels:

  1. The continued extraction of fossil fuels
  2. The continued expansion of climate-damaging infrastructure such as airports and roads
  3. Continued existence and even growth of climate-damaging industries such as the armaments-, automotive- and aircraft-industries
  4. The short lifespan of many products and the planned obsolescence due to competition and the pressure to innovate in a capitalist growth-economy

What's the measure?

  • Immediate end to the extraction of fossil fuels
  • Stop of constructing fossil- and extractivist infrastructure (airports, roads etc.)
  • Dismantling and conversion of harmful industries such as armaments-, car- and aircraft-industries etc., e.g. for the production of trains, bicycles, etc.
  • Retraining for sustainable activities
  • Product regulations for durability, reparability and recyclability

How can climate change be counteracted and how can economic conditions be created that support effective climate protection measures?

By stopping the extraction of fossil fuels, emissions are prevented directly at the source. The construction stop of climate-damaging infrastructure prevents an expansion of climate-damaging mobility patterns. The deconstruction and conversion of climate-damaging industries reduces the production of climate-damaging products and diverts them to climate-friendly products.

How quickly can the measure be implemented?

Step by step, starting immediatly.

References to other measures

The measure supports all other measures of this climate plan.

Further literature and sources

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Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter, Degrowth/Postwachstum