Just Mobility

City of short distances

What's the problem? Contemporary urban infrastructures frequently force us to travel long distances within the cities we live in: the longer the distance, the more difficult it is to travel CO2-neutrally.

What’s the measure?

A transport turn-around that addresses not only technologies of mobility, but also the current imperative to travel miles and miles. For example, to make sure that basic needs and services (food, health services, cultural events, work, equipment hire and repair) are accessible within walking or cycling distance.

How can this be implemented?

  • Establishing car-free zones
  • Increasing population density and
  • Establishment of local community spaces that provide basic goods and services (see above)
  • Re-Municipalisation of land and real estate to disentangle them from the market

How does this counteract climate change (or how does it create economic conditions that support effective climate protection measures)?

Travelling on foot and by bicycle is almost climate-neutral.

Further literature and sources

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