Just Mobility

Abolish Miles and More programmes and reduce flight advertising

What's the problem?

Nowadays, frequent fliers*, who impose the costs of their lifestyle on society, are also rewarded with so-called "bonus miles". This logic has to be turned upside down! Some major airlines earn up to half of their profits through "Frequent Flyer Programs" (FFPs), which is mainly due to high profits on miles sold to credit card companies, car rental agencies, hotels, etc.

What's the measure?

Frequent Flier* Programmes such as "Miles & More" should be abolished - and so is the advertisement for flights, which have no business being in public spaces in times of climate crisis. Abolishments of this sort aren't new: In Dänemark  (Denmark) there was a ban on frequent flier* programs in order to balance competition between airlines. A Bericht (report) (2019) of the British governmental committee for climate recommends to stop bonus mileage programs and to mark the → Emission (emissions) on flight advertisement.

How can this work against climate change?

Harmful behaviour is neither economically rewarded nor promoted through advertising. This can lead to a rapid change in mobility behaviour. Some airlines would have to look for new survival strategies if bonus programs no longer exist - for example as service providers in public transport.

Continuative literature, sources

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