Just Mobility

1-Euro ticket for students and apprentices

What's the problem?

One general challenge is the amount of individual traffic. Among the contributors to this are trips undertaken by family members or acquaintances, driving students to school, leisure activities, and friends. One reason for this are unaffordable prices for public transport, including monthly subscriptions.

What‘s the measure?

ntroducing a €1 student day pass for public transport in regional networks. This could be a key motivation to reduce individual traffic.

How can this be implemented?

It needs political will, especially in order to subsidise these tickets. Hessen is a good practice example of how to implement this measure:

How does this counteract climate change (or how does it create economic conditions that support effective climate protection measures)?

Each individual trip not undertaken actively contributes to lowering CO2 emissions.

What other effects does the measure have?

If the children more frequently rely on public transport, an imitation effect by other family members can be expected.

How quickly can the measure be implemented?

Within existing public transport infrastructure, implementation can be rolled out rapidly, provided that the €1 ticket is adequately subsidised.

How long does it take the measure to become effective?

The measure’s impact on air quality would be immediate, because reducing the number of individual trips means reducing local CO2 emissions.

References to other measures

All measures aimed at expanding public transport are important for the sustainable implementation and impact of this measure. This measure, in turn, strengthens the need for measures that expand public transport.

Problems with social, global and intergenerational justice

This measure will deliver on social justice only if it is indeed implemented as a €1 day pass, because only this way can the financial burden be lower than for so-called 365 EURO tickets. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that those not currently required to pay for public transport will be able to continue using public transport free of charge.

Further literature and sources

  1. Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Wohnen: Schüler*innenticket (abgerufen am 1.3.2020)

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